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Tuesday in Blue_Landscape 1_Blue_Vignett

Calgary-based trio invites listeners into the soundscape of smooth jazz, energetic walking-bass, and glitzy broadway numbers.  

Grace (vocals), Noah (guitar, double-bass and percussion) and Jayne (keys) have worked together for 4 years, for a vibrant show worthy of your small, medium, or large event.

Let us know if you need a photographer or videographer, we partner.

Grace, angle_Tuesday in Blue.jpg

photography partners: 

Josh Boak; videography, nature, events -

Enoch Tseng; family, events, business -

Erick Nhan: commercial/automotive, events, portraits -

Ashley Williams: Family, events -

paula Bitner: family, portraits, events -

Noah, double bass, portrait_Tuesday in B
Jayne, piano, landscape_Tuesday in Blue.
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